CIDEHUM’s interdisciplinary team is made up of a group of professionals in the fields of political science and the social sciences, law, psychology, social geography and education, bringing together over 10 years of combined work experience related to displacement, refugees, and migration. They have focused on the protection and assistance of the victims of human trafficking; unaccompanied migrants; as well as anti-discrimination, anti-xenophobia and conflict prevention training for children, adolescents, teachers, and community leaders.

Dr. Gabriela Rodríguez Pizarro

The president and legal representative of CIDEHUM; senior staff member of the IOM (International Organization for Migration); United Nations expert in migration and human rights; former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants (OHCHR/Geneva); expert in cases of human trafficking,  illicit migrant trafficking crimes, and victim protection.

Licentiate Gabriela Richard Rodriguez

CIDEHUM’s executive director; psychologist with expertise in human rights, gender studies, sexual and reproductive health, education and interculturality related to migration and refugees, and the assistance and accompaniment of human trafficking victims.

M.Sc. Sharon Granados Gutierrez

CIDEHUM’s project director; social geographer and city planner; expert in migration and interculturality; sociospatial and territorial analyst in relation to forced displacement, refugees, and migration.

Licentiate Alberto Fernandez Ballesteros

Political scientist and public administrator; trained in gender studies, social exclusion, human rights, and migration issues.

Licentiate Stelsie Angers

CIDEHUM’s legal advisor, BA in Law from the University of Montreal and MA in Public International Law, specialist in international penal law and human rights, experienced in capacity building and legal assistance.

Maria Solis Vargas

Volunteer intern, political scientist, and internationalist.

M.Sc. Bettina Lutterbeck

German cooperating partner; EED; political scientist and communicator in Germany and Latin America (Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica); expert in training and investigation related to migrant women and refugees.

CIDEHUM has also had professional volunteers on an international level, who have come from Canada, Spain, Germany and Chile.

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